The respect we have for our trees and olives means that the availability of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is subject to the laws of nature.

Sustainability-Real Olive Juice | Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Respect for nature

Olive trees are not very constant in their production. Each year environmental factors influence the ability of the trees to produce, both in terms of quantity and quality. It is our mission throughout the year to help the trees be more constant. We do this via a multitude of different agricultural techniques that vary each season depending on the needs of the trees. Despite our best efforts, and as it should be with any natural produce, the availability of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil will vary each year as will some of its organoleptic properties.

So be ready to pre order by October our Extra Virgin Olive Oil to ensure that you do not miss out on the latest harvest.


Relationship with the land and sense of duty

During my time in Scotland, I worked closely with farmers who were early pioneers of sustainability, and the preservation of biodiversity on their estates. This training and first-hand experience on the land, left me with a profound sense of responsibility towards the environment, years before biodiversity and sustainability became fashionable buzz words.

Sustainability-Real Olive Juice | Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is this relationship with the land and sense of duty to the environment that has remained with me, and now brings these deeply-held memories and outlook to our farm. My lifelong commitment to sustainability is present in each and every decision, action and detail in producing our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This not only protects our surroundings and the farm, but delivers to our customers a product that is produced with respect and guaranteed quality.

This ethos goes well beyond modern “organic” labeling regulations and standards, again in our humble opinion, a series of fantasy bureaucratic measures that do little to monitor the real properties of products, and a lot to burden producers with layers of paperwork, that ends up being the only thing certification agencies monitor; paper not oil.

Our Motto is:

“Live as if you die tomorrow and farm as if you lived forever”

one that we heard a long time ago in East Africa from Lord Delamere, and it resonated strongly with our belief that land is not owned but entrusted to us in order to preserve it for future generations.


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