IGP Toscano Organic EVOOIn recycled metal tins 2×2000 ml


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Organic extra-virgin olive oil from the 2020 harvest, certified IGP Toscano.
Fresh, fruity  and pungent, obtained from a blend of olives from our trees of the Frantoio, Moraiolo, Pendolino and  Leccino cultivars, Olea Prilis is an EVOO that expresses all the excellent sensations and nutritional virtues of the fruits of the Tuscan olive trees. Extracted  using state of the art technology of the renown Mori-Tem mills.
Stored in oxygen free containers for optimum preservation. Sold in elegant recycled metal tins, ideal for storage and efficient shipping.

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Out of stock

Available from November 16th

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Our passion for oil

Extra Virgin olive oil is made by crushing the juiciest, healthiest olives and extracting the health-promoting nutrients for which it is famous.

Extra Virgin is the highest quality and most highly valued classification under current international standards and means the oil is extracted entirely mechanically at low temperatures, ensuring the retention of its finest properties.


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