A year that gave important results, our olive oil has been awarded in all the most important national and international contexts.

AwardsOlea Prilis

Awards and Honors
of our Olea Prilis extra virgin olive oil

Thank you to all the friends and team members that make all this happen

Produced in southern Tuscany, on a traditional family owned farm, it is the result of state of the art organic farming and extraction technology. It expresses fully the “green” character of the Tuscan Olive Tree varieties, the wild aromas and the intensity of the Maremma Terroir.

Our Olive Oil is extracted from olives that we pick at the ideal point of ripeness on our farm. The reliance on our own trees forms the basis of the transparency, traceability and quality that we offer and stand for.

We also stand unconditionally for sustainability. With our Oil representing the shared point of contact, we are developing a community of people who have interest in sustainable development and community values, people that endorse the replacement of socially and ecologically destructive system, and that do so with their actions, including personal consumption and nutritional habits.

AwardsOlea Prilis

Gold Medal NYIOOC New York 2021

The NYIOOC is by far the world’s largest and most inclusive review of olive oils from every corner of the world.

AwardsOlea Prilis

Best in Class JOOP categoria IGP Tokio 2021

The Japan Olive Oil Prize is an international contest that aims at promoting extra-virgin olive oils of all origin in Japan.

AwardsOlea Prilis

“4 Gocce” on the Bibenda 2021 guide

Bibenda, the guide of the Best Wines, Grappas, Oils and Restaurants in Italy

AwardsOlea Prilis

2 “foglie rosse” on Gambero Rosso Guide 2021

Gambero Rosso is the guide to the best 100% Italian Quality extra virgin olive oils

AwardsOlea Prilis

A heart on the Merum Guide 2021 edition

German guide on the best Italian extra virgin olive oils

AwardsOlea Prilis

Gold Medal on Berlin GOOA 2021

The Berlin GOOA (Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards), encapsulates multi-year of collective knowledge and expertise of high-profile scientists, food tech pioneers, and key business players, setting the standards for a credible, transparent, and trustworthy global olive oil competition.

AwardsOlea Prilis

Bronze Medal at the Zurich Olive Oil Award 2021

“Independence, Neutrality and Professionalism” No olive oil Competition in the world could better represent the fundamental values of Switzerland

AwardsOlea Prilis

Golden Lion Finalist 2021 Dop / PGI Category

An independent award without sponsors or outside funding: a competition that is done by olive growers.

AwardsOlea Prilis

Semifinalist at LIDO Milano IOOC 2021

International Olive Oil Competition which sees the involvement of the major professional associations and / or delegations of Italian and foreign categories.

AwardsOlea Prilis

Extra virgin certification, International Olive Oil Foundation

The International Olive Foundation (IOF) is an independent Swiss Audit Body for extra virgin olive oil. The aim of the foundation is to protect the international quality standard “Extra Virgin” for olive oils.

AwardsOlea Prilis

Gold Quality at CIOOC CANADA 2021

The CIOOC is most prestigious olive oil contest in Canada. Extra virgin olive oil brands may be entered in the competition by any company, cooperative organization, olive farm, olive oil mill.

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